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Action is required to improve the prospects of the animals at the shelter. There are many ways you can help:

“Fix” Your Pets to Reduce Overpopulation
    Do your part to prevent pet overpopulation by spaying and neutering your pets. Pet overpopulation is the real reason behind overcrowded shelters and the need for euthanasia in shelters across Mississippi and in many other parts of the nation. There simply are not enough homes to take in all of the adoptable pets.

    We are fortunate to have several local veterinary clinics and most perform spay and neuter surgeries. These vet clinics are small businesses that deserve our support because they provide jobs for local people, put money back into our local economy, and are here for us when we need them to provide all types of healthcare for our animals.

    If you cannot afford to get your pet’s surgery, assistance may be available to you. Contact Mississippi Spay & Neuter (MS SPAN) for more information.
    Phone: 1-866-901-7729
Adopt from NACHS
    Our shelter is overflowing with puppies, dogs, kittens and cats in all sizes, colors, and personalities. We have some of the most beautiful and desirable animals to be found anywhere, and there’s a new best friend just waiting for you there. Remember that you truly save a life when you adopt. Click here to learn more.
Donate - Operations Fund
    All donations to NACHS are tax deductible.  You may acknowledge the loss of a beloved pet by providing a memorial.  Send a unique "Thank You" or recognition of an accomplishment by making a donation in your friend's honor.  We'll gladly send an acknowledgement when you include the name and address of the person we should contact.

    The Natchez-Adams County Humane Society (NACHS) is a 501c3 nonprofit organization that provides compassionate care to more than 2000 homeless animals each year.  Our goal is to save as many lives as possible through local adoption, transport, and support of spay & neuter efforts.  We are a frugal organization that strives to get the maximum benefit for the animals with every dollar we spend.  Our 2015 Budget for Expenditures is over $350,000 and only a small portion of our annual budget is provided by governmental entities.  (City of Natchez and Adams County each give us $25,000 per year.)  We must raise the remainder of our annual budget and are highly dependent on local donors in order to continue providing these very important services. 
Donations may be mailed to:
P.O. Box 549
Natchez, MS   39120

Donate Needed Items
    The Shelter is always in need of the following items. They can be dropped off at the Shelter weekday afternoons - or if you would rather not visit the shelter you can order from our wishlist at and have items shipped directly to our shelter
    • Purina dry cat, dog, puppy and kitten food
    • Any brand of canned cat, dog, puppy and kitten food
    • Small fleece blankets, the type that usually sell for $2.50 - $4.00 at Walmart and Dollar Stores
    • Clay cat litter (the cheap kind)
    • Clorox – regular scent
    • Paper towels
    • Pine-sol
    • Rubber gloves
    • Large garbage bags
    • Old, clean towels, bedsheets, and spreads
    • Brooms, mops, and buckets
    • Pet carriers
    • Dog chews
    • Pet toys
    • Aluminum cans
    • Purina weight circles
    • Stamps from Natchez Market or Southside Market
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